RECARE film generates debate about soil sealing in Italy

Italy SoilSealingEvent8th November 2017 Soil sealing - the covering of the ground by an impermeable material - is a serious soil threat. Soil sealing has important consequences for flooding, as water is no longer absorbed, food production, and the filtering and buffering capacity of soils and biodiversity, as well as other impacts. The EU has set a target to achieve zero net soil sealing by 2050, but soil sealing continues to increase annually. As part of the drive to spread the word about the problem and the urgency of caring for the soil, Professor Francesco Morari from Padova University and Mario Boldrin from Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori (CIA) organised a showing of the RECARE film about soil sealing (8/11/2017). The RECARE film features examples of soil sealing in Italy, and local farmers and Professor Morari explain the impacts of soil sealing in the Veneto region, a RECARE case study area (see the case study here). With invited speakers representing regional agricultural organisations and the local councils, it attracted not only over 100 hundred people to watch the film and discuss the topic, but also the regional TV company. The meeting featured on the local TV station 'Padova in diretta' relaying the concerns of about soil sealing to a broader audience. You can watch this film here.

This news report led to a more extended studio-based discussion, that lasted for over 45 minutes, with speakers from the region discussing land management and soil sealing (watch it here or a shorter version here (2:30mins). Once again, the RECARE film about soil sealing was shown informing people about the topic and orientating the debate.

"This illustrates the vital role that the RECARE project plays not only providing the intellectual underpinnings for critical public discussions such as this, but also presenting media professionals with materials that they can use to illustrate and inform these discussions”. Jane Mills, Dissemination Lead for the RECARE Project.

Soil sealing is one of the major soil threats being researched by the RECARE project, with case studies focused on the Polish cities of Wroclaw & Poznan (you can read more here). We have also produced a film focused on soil sealing in Poland and you can watch it here.

For further information, please contact Francesco Morari This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.