School children learn about local soil erosion threats

School visits soil experiments

Professor Artemi Cerdà from the University of Valencia in Spain spent a stimulating day with 14-15 year old students discussing local soil erosion issues at the RECARE case study site in the Canyoles river basin, Spain. Interestingly, whilst the students were aware of global environmental issues, such as global warming, deforestation of the Amazon and plastic pollution of the oceans, they knew little about the environmental issues in their surrounding countryside, such as the soil erosion threat from local orange plantations and the loss of soil organic matter contributing CO2 to the atmosphere.

School visit RECARE plot


Further information about the soil erosion threats in the Canyoles river basin can be found here.    A list of educational resources that can be used with school children to help explain the threats to our soils can be found on the RECARE hub here.