Here are some descriptions of the models to be used:


Metronamica is a modelling system that allows planners to resemble and assess the effects of their planning measure on development. It is an integrated spatial decision support system which can model both socio-economic and physical planning aspects. It helps planners to produce a idea of some the impacts of external factors and policy measures on the development of the area. This allows planners to consider future problems they may encounter and come up with different development plans and solutions to the problems.


PESERA stands for the Pan-European Soil Erosion Risk Assessment. It is a model that uses process-based and spatially distributed model to evaluate soil erosion by water and assess the risk of the soil erosion around Europe. The model can help to predict erosion from tillage and wind. The results from the model have been confirmed at catchment level and have been checked with results of applying alternative risk assessments for erosion across Europe. The soil erosion estimates are done by applying the PESERA grid model at 1km, it uses data from the European Soil Database, CORINE land cover, climate data from the MARS Project and a Digital Elevation Model. The validity of the estimates are dependent on the accuracy of the meteorological data and the accuracy of soil coverage data.