The RECARE project is divided into 11 work packages (WP) each with their own set of goals, tasks and deliverables.


Work package No.  Work package title  Lead partner
 WP 1  Project management  Wageningen University
 WP 2  Providing the base for RECARE  regarding data collection and  methods  Bioforsk, the Norwegian Institute for  Agricultural and Environmental Research
 WP 3

 State of degradation and  conservation in the RECARE Case  Study sites 

 Technical University of Crete
 WP 4  Stakeholder participation and  valuation  Centre for Development and Environment  CDE, University of Bern
 WP 5  Selection of promising prevention, remediation and restoration  measures  ISRIC World Soil Information
 WP 6  Testing and demonstration of  prevention, remediation and  restoration measures  UAVR, University of Aveiro, Portugal
 WP 7  Costs, benefits and adoption of  prevention, remediation and  restoration measures  University of Leeds
 WP 8  Applicability and effects of  measures at the European level  Research Institute for Knowlegde  Systems  B.V. (RIKS)
 WP 9  Policy analysis and  recommendations  Ecologic Institute
 WP 10  Data use, management, and hosting  Joint Research Centre of the European  Commission
 WP 11  Dissemination and communication  University of Gloucestershire, UK