RECARE partner receives UNCCD Dryland Champions award

Dryland ChampionCongratulations to the University of Aveiro (UA) in Portugal, one of the RECARE partners, for being awarded the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Dryland Champions award. The prize was given in recognition for their research work on desertification, which included their research in the RECARE project

This distinction was received on the 17 June of 2016, during the celebrations of the World Day to Combat Desertification, organized by the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation (ICNF). This award aims to distinguish individuals, and/or organizations and business that make a practical contribution to sustainable land management (SLM).

The distinction is due to the work of a research team of the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM), lead by Celeste Coelho, emeritus professor of the Department of Environment and Planning of the UA. This research has promoted the engagement of local stakeholders and communities in finding solutions for SLM.  More details about the University of Aveiro's case study research within the RECARE project can be found here

Agricultura2 logoSecond farmer workshop planned in Spain

The Spanish RECARE team, lead by Artemi Cerda, is organising a second farmer meeting on July 11th, 2016. The meeting will deal with topics of innovation, contemporary production and marketing, new agricultural techniques and sustainability, or as the flyer of the meeting describes:

'This looks to make the farmer the centre of attention. Agriculture preserves tradition and wisdom, but also requires innovation and opening up to a world where competitive internationalized communication is essential to adapt to new challenges. The meeting is intended to provide information around contemporary production, marketing, new techniques and traditions. This knowledge must not be lost. But we want to continue the farmer who informs us and discuss new topics of interest. With these lectures we want to share new initiatives and traditional values with all citizens, and create an atmosphere of collaboration and enthusiasm to give value and place in a location that deserves this ancient craft.'

The meeting is held on June 11th, 2016. More information can be obtained from the event flyer (Spanish).

New article published on soil-related ecosystems services


A new article has been published in Ecological Indicators which presents a soil-related ecosystems services framework to be used in the RECARE project.  

The framework will be used in the 17 case studies to identify and value changes to ecosystem services due to soil threats and soil management and policies impacting on soil. 

The paper can be downloaded from,XRNLROoG with free access until 14th June 2016.

Third RECARE Newsletter Available

Newsletter3Front pageThe third RECARE newsletter is now available.  This edition covers:

  1.  Report on Soil Saving Measures
  2. RECARE Field Experiments
  3. A focus on Soil Compaction
  4. Case Study focus: Cyprus
  5. Recent RECARE publications
  6. Past events/presentations


Special Issue of SOIL RESEARCH about 'Sustainable Soil Management and Organic Farming'

soil research vol 54 tnIssue no. 54 of the peer reviewed journal SOIL RESEARCH has just been published. This special issue, with a foreword by Marta M. Moreno , Ziad Al Chami , Artemi Cerdà and Ana M. Tarquis, has the title 'Sustainable Soil Management and Organic Farming', and covers 15 research papers that consider soil improving measures and management, topics that are also investigated and relevant in the RECARE project.

SOIL RESEARCH is issued by CSIRO PUBLISHING in Australia. The special issue can be found online HERE.

More information can be obtained from Artemi Cerda ", partner in RECARE for the University of Valencia.