Third RECARE Newsletter Available

Newsletter3Front pageThe third RECARE newsletter is now available.  This edition covers:

  1.  Report on Soil Saving Measures
  2. RECARE Field Experiments
  3. A focus on Soil Compaction
  4. Case Study focus: Cyprus
  5. Recent RECARE publications
  6. Past events/presentations


Special Issue of SOIL RESEARCH about 'Sustainable Soil Management and Organic Farming'

soil research vol 54 tnIssue no. 54 of the peer reviewed journal SOIL RESEARCH has just been published. This special issue, with a foreword by Marta M. Moreno , Ziad Al Chami , Artemi Cerdà and Ana M. Tarquis, has the title 'Sustainable Soil Management and Organic Farming', and covers 15 research papers that consider soil improving measures and management, topics that are also investigated and relevant in the RECARE project.

SOIL RESEARCH is issued by CSIRO PUBLISHING in Australia. The special issue can be found online HERE.

More information can be obtained from Artemi Cerda ", partner in RECARE for the University of Valencia.

Oliver growers presentation300x200RECARE presented at the Olive Growers Association of the Euganean Hills

Prof. Francesco Morari from the University of Padova is the RECARE case study leader for the Italian case study looking at soil organic matter decline in mineral soils. On 15th January 2016 Francesco presented to the Oliver Growers Association of the Euganean Hills (Regional Park) on the RECARE project.   His presentation entitled "Soil, ecosystem services and soil organic matter. The RECARE project" discussed issues of soil organic matter decline.  Around 100-130 people attended the event and the presentaton was well received.  For more information about the Italian case study please click here.  For more information about the presentation please contact Francesco Morari This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RECARE undertakes a major review of soil threats in Europe

WP2 ReportcoverThe RECARE project has just completed a major review of soil threats in Europe. The report, Soil threats in Europe: Status, methods, drivers and effects on ecosystem services was co-ordinated by Jannes Stolte from NIBIO with contributions from 61 authors.  It provides an up to date overview of existing information on soil threats and degradation at the European scale.

Eleven soil threats are covered by the report. These soil threats are soil erosion by water, soil erosion by wind, decline of organic matter (OM) in peat soils, decline of OM in mineral soils, soil compaction, soil sealing, soil contamination, soil salinization, desertification, flooding and landslides and decline in soil biodiversity

The report is organised into 14 chapters. A chapter is dedicated to each soil threat which gives a description of the following:

  • definition of the soil threat and processes involved
  • state of the soil degradation
  • drivers/pressures (including climate, human activities, policies)
  • key indicators of the soil threat
  • methods to assess the soil threat
  • effects of the soil threat on soil functions.

In addition, the report contains a chapter reviewing the concepts and application of ecosystem services and soil functions.  To download the final report, please click here.  For more information about this report please contact WP2 leader, Jannes Stolte: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

REPORT 5.1New RECARE report published  'Measures for Preventing, Mitigating and Remediating Soil Threats in Europe - a Literature Review'

A new RECARE report has been publised 'Measures for Preventing, Mitigating and Remediating Soil Threats in Europe - a Literature Review'. This comprehensive review, compiled by Zhanguo Bai and collegues of the International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC), presents an extensive literature review of measures for preventing, mitigating and remediating soil threats in Europe and the wider world that has been conducted using a wide range of data sources and personal communication with RECARE project partners. The review focuses on actual measures being applied around the world to prevent, mitigate or remediate the 12 soil threats as specified by RECARE. The existing measures are presented for each of the RECARE soil threats.

Whereas measures for control of erosion by water and wind, desertification, and contamination can easily be found, much less information is available for arresting decline in organic matter in peat and mineral soils, flooding, landslides, soil sealing, or loss of soil biodiversity.

The report can be downloaded here