As soil degradation problems are caused by the interplay of biophysical, socio-economic and political factors, all of which vary across Europe, these problems are by definition site specific and occur at different scales. Therefore, 17 Case Studies of soil threats are included in RECARE to study the various conditions that occur across Europe and to find appropriate responses using an innovative approach combining scientific and local knowledge.  Click on the map below or links to the left to find out more about the different Case Study sites.




Case study  Soil threat
1. Frienisberg, Switzerland  Soil erosion by water 
2. Caramulo, Portugal  Soil erosion by water
3. Peristerona Watershed, Cyprus  Soil erosion by water
4. Timbaki, Crete, Greece  Salinization
5. Aarslev, Denmark  Soil compaction
6. Wroclaw & Poznan, Poland  Soil sealing
7. Canyoles River Basin, Spain  Desertification
8. Gunnarsholt, Iceland  Desertification
9. Vansjø-Hobøl Catchment, Norway  Floods and landslides
10. Myjava Catchment, Slovakia  Floods and landslides
11. Veenweidegebied, The Netherlands  Loss of organic matter - peat soils
12. Broddbo, Sweden  Loss of organic matter - peat soils
13. Olden Eibergen, The Netherlands  Loss of organic matter - mineral soils
14. Veneto region, Italy  Loss of organic matter - mineral soils
15. Guadiamar, Spain  Soil contamination
16. Copşa Mică, Romania  Soil contamination

17. Isle of Purbeck, United Kingdom

 Soil biodiversity




Timbaki, Crete Aarslev, Denmark Wroclaw & Poznan, Poland Canyoles River Basin, Spain Gunnarsholt, Iceland Vansjo-Hobol catchment, Norway Myjava Catchment, Slovakia Veenweidegebied, The Broddbo, Sweden Olden Eibergen, The Netherlands Veneto region, Italy Guadiamar, Spain Copsa Mica, Romania Isle of Purbeck, United Kingdom